Final Exams and Exemptions

Final exam time is quickly approaching!  Please carefully read through the following exemption information.

Students may pick up exemption forms from their house office beginning Tuesday, May 14th.  Students may turn in forms to the House office beginning Wednesday, May 15th until 8:55 p.m. on Monday, May 20th.  Students will not be allowed to leave class to go to the office to get a form.  

Semester exams will be independent and objective assessments to certify mastery of course content by students.  All high school credit course semester exams may be comprehensive and must measure the mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.  Semester exams shall count 15% of the grade.  Semester exams are final and are not subject to retesting.  Semester exams are the exception, not the standard; each student will be required to take a semester exam unless he/she earns the exemption. 

A student may earn exemptions based on his or her grade classification by having a semester average of 80 or higher in the class for which the student is seeking an exam exemption and two or fewer absences in the class for which the student is seeking an exam exemption prior to the day of the semester exam.  All absences are counted per class period whether excused or unexcused with the following documented exceptions: participation in school-sponsored activities, religious holy days, and pre-approved college visits.

       Freshmen –  1 exam exemption per semester

       Sophomores – 2 exam exemptions per semester

       Juniors – 3 exam exemptions per semester

       Seniors –  4 exam exemptions per semester

Students who are enrolled in an AP class may be exempted from their final exam if they meet the following criteria: 

        Register and take the AP exam 

        Maintain a passing grade during the 4th- 6th six weeks grading period.  

        Must be in attendance for 90% of all class days this semester. 

AP exemptions are not included in the maximum amount of exemptions per grade level. 

Students who have a DAEP placement, JJAEP  placement, or in-school or out-of-school suspension are not eligible for exemption.  If a student does not receive a satisfactory score on an EOC in the previous year, he/she is not eligible for exemption in the corresponding course. 

Students are required to attend classes in which they are exempt on examination days.  An exemption is an exam exemption and not an attendance exemption.  Students receiving exemptions are encouraged to take the examination and have it scored.   If the examination score will improve a student’s grade average, it will be calculated as part of the semester average.  Otherwise, the examination grade will not be counted.

Semester exams will begin on Wednesday, May 22nd and will end on Friday, May 24th at 12:55 pm.