CHS Traffic Map

Note that buses only will be entering from Fox Lane.  There will be an automated gate at that entrance which will remain closed until a school bus approaches.


Visitors and staff will need to enter from Hurst Road and park in the main lot in the front of school.


Parents may drop their students off at either of two locations.  One student drop off is located off the Hurst Road entrance.  Parents will enter, drop off in the front of the school, then continue around the one-way drive to the exit on Hurst Road.  The other student drop off is accessible by entering on Cardinal Ridge and turning left at the dead end.  There is a large covered stairway for student access into “D” Wing.  Parents will then continue on the loop and exit Cardinal Ridge.


Student parking is in the lots between the school and the football field.  It is accessible by entering CHS from Cardinal Ridge.

CHS Traffic Map